Diary of a Swedish Yogini ~ by Evelina Wahlqvist

Greatness is Lightness


Greatness is Lightness.

Trust that. Choose to get rid of the clutter.

Experience the dawning of a new day and a new lighter you.

Then, start creating anew. Be fresh. Be great.


Happy Easter!


In welcoming of springtime, I wish for you a Happy and Beautiful Easter!

Photo: Glass art by amazing Helena Gibson Glas.

Happy Holi


It’s the Festival of Colours and I’m celebrating with a colourful bunch of tulips. Holi is a festival celebrated by Hindus, primarily in India and Nepal. The word ‘Holi’ is short for ‘Holika’. According to the legend, strong devotion to Lord Vishnu, the Hindu god of preservation, made possible the burning of the demoness Holika. The destruction of Holika symbolises the victory of good over evil.

The festival also marks the passage from winter to spring. In India, it’s lively celebrated with bonfires and by throwing coloured powder at each other.

Happy Holi!

The Beauty of Transparency

The sheer beauty of transparency. True strength comes in delicate forms.

Don’t be afraid of your vulnerability. You’re never as strong as when you’re feeling vulnerable. You’re never as loving as when you embrace the child within. You’re never as beautiful as when you’re being true.



This beautiful painting is composed by Harriet Wikström. Visit her studio at >>Harriets Atelje.

A Simple Sunday Night Exercise

thank me

Just sit down comfortably and relax, then:

1) Look back at this past week and ask yourself: What do I have to be grateful about? Which were the highlights of the week? What made me smile, laugh and feel happy this week? When did I feel particularly good about myself this week?

2) Now, thank yourself for granting yourself all this goodness in your life. Indeed you are the creator, or at least the co-creator, of everything good that happens in your life. Keep welcoming it.

3) Ask yourself: What do I want to nurture during the next week to come? What are my intentions? Start predicting what you might be grateful about next Sunday.

Then, have a good night’s sleep. Dream sweet. Get energized for the new week.

Tomorrow, go get it! Create according to your good intentions. But also, always, prepare to be surprised. Life is full of lovely surprises – especially for the one that stays open, curious and thankful! Thank YOU.


Saturday Sunshine

It’s Saturday. It’s Sunshine. If not on the outside; definitely somewhere on the inside. Smile, relax and ask your inner child: What would make her/him HAPPY today? Let that wish be your command. Let go, fulfill and enjoy! Your inner child knows all about JOY.


Emptiness is Openness

Photographer: Emelie Harming

Don’t fear emptiness.

Emptiness is openness.

Openness to infinite possiblities.

♥ Evelina


The world’s oldest yoga teacher

That the practicing of yoga comes with a mysterious rejuvenation is an experienced fact for me. But I think that you rather have to look at Tao Porchon-Lynch to see a living proof of that. She counts 61 years as yoga teacher, still going strong. Guiness World Records has declared her the world’s oldest yoga teacher. She is such an amazing source of inspiration. I do too hope to be a dancer and practicing yogini at 90.

Adding life quality to the years, most likely adds to the quantity of years. But most importantly, of course, is to fill the years with life, rather than filling the life with years.

What makes you happy? What makes you smile?

Pay Attention to your Attention

Friends, remember to pay attention to your attention.

I was just reminded of that as I read these words by Neale Donald Walsch:

“You will determine the quality of your life by what you pay attention to.”

Spot on!

Grow your Amazingness

Sunflower_Golden Section

Life is a gift. Yes it is. Life is also what you are. Yes you are. You are a gifted gift.

Your greatest adventure is to find your own hidden treasures. Your task is to understand all the beauty, all the glory, all the amazingness that you are.

Then, your mission is to grow. To become more of whom you already are. Expand in all your beauty, glory and amazingness.

That is completion. Expanding your being. Growing to higher grounds. That is the process of life. That is the process of creation.

Courage? Yes.

Work? Yes.

Patience? Yes.

Reward? The astonishing experiences of the unfolding of the true and higher you. Now, be brave and bloom. Don’t settle with anything less than your own amazingness. Surprise yourself.

Be the amazingness you wish to see in the world.

♥ Evelina